Steam House Con 2015!

Steam House Conn is an all genre welcome, steam punk themed, comics and games convention! There be Live bands, a film festival, a masquerade ball, hot rod/car show and much more!

According to the convention already has over 50 vendors, authors. cos-players, comic book artists and other celebrities lined up to appear. Doc Phineas, an antiquities expert on the History Channel show “Pawn Stars,” will even be serving as the con’s master of ceremonies!

For Cahill and Davis (The founders of Steam House Entertainment) the con is a way to expand upon their longtime love of sci-fi and all things “nerdy.” As you would expect the two met years ago in high school while attending a Dungeons and Dragons gaming group. After the convention, they also plan to open a coffee shop, Steam House Coffee, in the region.

Among all this nerdy goodness your favorite artists from Foundation will be operating a booth-come geek out with us!

Admission to Steam House Con will be $35 daily, $55 for a weekend pass (early preregistration prices of $20-$40 still are available). For more information, visit

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